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Prayer for The Swift Rebirth for
Kyabje Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche


   - Biography of H.H. Drubwang Pema 
Norbu Rinpoche    

Namdroling Monastery Temple (South India)

Announcement from Namdroling Monastery

1) Practice Advice on H.H. Penor Rinpoche's Parinirvana Anniversary
Official Announcement Regarding the Kudung (Holy Body) of HH Penor Rinpoche

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The 12th Throneholder
of Palyul Lineage

His Holiness
the Fifth Karma Kuchen Rinpoche

1970 - current

   - Biography of H.H. Karma Kuchen Rinpoche  

   - His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
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 10 & 11 (Sat & Sun) Oct 15: 



(Four Hundred Offerings)

Date & Time:  10 October 2015 (Saturday, 10am 12pm, 2pm 5pm)


Gyazhi Puja known as the Four Hundred Offering Puja from Lord Buddha Sakyamuni. All obstacles that we experienced were caused by the Four Maras. These are the Mara of Aggregate represented by yellow torma, the Mara of Heaven-Son represented by white torma, the Mara of Defilement represented by red torma and the Mara of Death represented by black torma. They symbolized the four obscurations.


Through making the offering, it helps to pacify the following:

1.   Offering of 100 lamps, one would have pacified the Mara of Heaven-Son and be freed of obscuration of knowledge

2.   Offering of 100 tsha-tsha, one would have pacified the Mara of Defilement and be freed of the obscuration of the five poisons

3.   Offering of 100 human form figures, one would have pacified the Mara of Aggregates and be freed of the obscuration of habitual tendencies

4.  Offering of 100 tormas, one would have pacified the Mara of Death and be freed of obscuration of karmic causes


Approaching to the final part of puja, these tormas accompanied by offerings will be ousted from the shrine to specified locations according to instructions. The act symbolized departure of all obscurations from you.


Therefore, the puja is excellent in dispelling the following:

1.        Bad omens, misfortune or bad dream

2.        Severely sick, deadly conditions or life threatening situations with no possible alternative solutions

3.        Defilement and suffering


Interested participants are requested to bring fingernail cutting, a small piece of fabric worn by the participant and strands of hair.


(Dispelling Obstacles through Prajna Paramita)


Date & Time:  11 October 2015 (Sunday, 10am 12pm, 2pm 5pm)


Sher Nying Dud Dhog is known as "Dispelling Obstacles through Prajna Paramita". "Sher" means "Paramita", "Nying" means "Essence", "Dud" means "Maras" and "Dhog" means "Obstacles".


During the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, there was a Hariti (known as the mother of bhutas) and her five hundred sons. In order to feed her sons, she would abduct and killed the human's children. Buddha knew about it, stole one of her son and hid him under his rice bowl. She realized that one of her son was missing and went desperately throughout the universe to search for him. Finally, she went to the Buddha and pleaded for his help. The Buddha pointed out that she was suffering because she had lost one of her sons and asked if she could imagine the suffering of parents whose only child had been devoured. She replied contritely that their suffering must be many times greater than hers, and vowed not to abduct or killed the children and pleaded with Buddha to return her missing son. Hariti was also worried that without food, her sons would be hungry. Buddha knowing this, took out the leftover food from his rice bowl and gently pressed it together to form the imprint of his 5 fingers, blessed it and gave it to Hariti to release the hunger of her sons. Buddha also mentioned that he will preach the offering of "len-chang" which mean the leftover portion of the food, as an offering to Hariti and her five hundred sons and hope that they will not cause harm to the human again.

The benefits of this puja are:

1.      To reverse diseases and harms generally

2.    To remove obstacles like bad dreams, bad signs and omens


Interested participants are requested to bring fingernail cutting, a small piece of fabric worn by the participant and strands of hair.

Special Auspicious Days in Nov 2015: Lha Bab Duchen
(3 November 2015 (Tue, 8pm to 9.30pm)

Lha Bab Duchen is one of the four great festivals of Lord Buddha, Sakyamuni. On this day, Buddha Sakyamuni descent from Tushita heaven. Buddha's mother was reborn in Indra's Heaven. In order to repay her kindness, to liberate her and to benefit the Gods, Buddha spent three months teaching in the realm of God. On this day, all positive and negative actions are multiplied by 10 million times.

 SakyaMuni Buddha

Venue: Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association
Address: 721 Geylang Road Singapore 389632
(Near Paya Lebar MRT station, near Lor 37)


   15 November 2015 (Sunday, 10am to 11.30am; 2pm to 5pm


Vajravidaran (in Sanskrit), also known as Dorje Namjom in Tibetan, means the Supreme Destroyer of Evil.  Vajravidaran is the root of all tantra.  The outer tantra is Vajrapani and inner tantra is the youthful Vajrakilaya.  Vajravidaran is a specialized healing & cleansing deity of esoteric Buddhism.


Guru Rinpoche said that this puja is very powerful for removing obstacles.  It is very powerful in cleansing the body, speech and mind of living beings from all the possible spiritual and material contaminants.

This practice is able to remove obstacles of illness, demonic obstacles, black magic, bad luck, evil energy, negative karma, fear, those who had frequent bad dreams, mental instability, possession by spirits, or those who experienced obstacles in their dharma practices, etc.

.  This puja can purify these and hence he greatly encourages patients with stroke, incurable illness or skin problem to participate in this puja as Rinpoche will bless the devotees by sprinkling water containing the essence of Dorje Namjom rilbu and nectar of our late beloved His Holiness Penor Rinpoche.  This act of water sprinkling is to purify our negativities.


Participants shall attend this Puja in clean clothes.  The schedule of this puja is as follow.



10.00am to 11.30am

Dorje Namjom Puja

2.00pm to 5.00pm

Dorje Namjom & Mahakala Puja



The Yangsi (reincarnated being) of our beloved root guru, H.H. the late Drupwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche, is now H.H. the 4th Drupwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche, called Migyur Dechen Garwang Zilnon Dorje.

Yangtrul Rinpoche was born in Tibet near Leten Tramo Drag or Dung Lung Tramo Drag, the sacred place where the Nyingthing Yabshyi (The Four Cycles of Heart Essence Teachings) was revealed.  He was born on the Tibetan 6th day of the 11th month Tibetan year 2138, iron female hare/rabbit year.  In this 2015, the Tibetan 6th day of 11th month falls on 17 December.  

On this auspicious day, our Centre will conduct the Neten Chagchoe Puja (Supplication Prayer and Offering to the Sixteen Elders) for the long life of Yangtrul Rinpoche.

 All are welcomed to participate in this auspicious event!

Drolma Yongde

 Date:  26 & 27 December 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)

To welcome the year 2016, we will conduct our annual Drolma Yongde Puja to pray for good health, peace and prosperity for all our devotees.




26 Dec

10.00am to 12.00pm

Drolma Yongdue Prayer

2.00pm to 4.00pm

Mahakala Puja

8.00pm to 9.30pm

Green Tara Puja

27 Dec


10.00am to 12.00pm

Drolma Yongdue Prayer

2.00pm to 4.00pm

Mahakala Puja

Drolma Yongde is a type of Tara ritual specially performed to eradicate obstacles.  During this ritual, participants will place their cut fingernails, hair or clothing (worn and unwashed), together with the len-chag (a type of mold used for rubbing onto unwell body areas) into a receptacle called De.  

The eight auspicious signs adorn the pinnacle of the De, which consists of four sections together with the eight offerings, etc.  The first section represents the obstacles and negativities of participants, the second section represents sea creatures, the third section represents various animals while the fourth section represents the woods and greeneries. At the end of this ritual, the De will be offered to the evil spirits, and subsequently discarded, thus eliminating the causes of obstacles.

NOTE: It is compulsory that the substances placed in the De must come from participants who have joined at least one session of Drolma Yongde.


Prerequisite: Participants attending the puja MUST BE ON VEGETARIAN.


Date:  01 Jan 2016 (Friday, 10.00am 11.30am)

Riwo Sang Cht, The Mountain of Burnt Offering, is a form of smoke offering made to all the Buddhas, Deities, Dharma Protectors and Dakinis. It was a terma teaching concealed by Guru Rinpoche in order to benefit the future generations. He gave explicit prophecies regarding the future manifestation of this sacred teaching, and accordingly, it was revealed by Terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigme.

This powerful puja enables participants to accumulate merits and blessings. It facilitates the purification of our bad karma, sicknesses and obstacles, paying off the karmic debts of our previous lives, as well as increasing wealth and life spans for our present and future lives.

Some sponsors maybe interested to sponsor the available mini statues for the second half of 2015. In view of this, we offer half-year mini statue sponsorship rate for available mini statues only (up to 30 Nov 15).   Please note that we are also accepting registration for the full year 2016 sponsorship for the mini statues.
Dharma Teachings Starting in April 2015

Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association is pleased to hold Dharma teaching programs in English at our centre starting in Apr 2015:

Teaching Topic
12 Apr, Sun1.30pm - 3pmThe Right Way of Making Offering to Buddha by Samten Rinpoche
17 May, Sun
1.30pm - 3pm
The Right Way of Making Offering to Buddha by Samten Rinpoche (Continuation) (Completed)
19 Apr, Sun
1.30pm - 3pm
The Art of Life by Lopon Sangay (Completed)

-Benefits of Prostration and Introduction to Mudra by Samten Rinpoche
5 Jul 15, Sun1.30pm - 3pmMandala Offering by Samten Rinpoche (completed)
16 Aug 15, Sun1.30pm - 3pmDharma Talk on Living and Dying on 16 Aug 2015 (English) by Lopon Sangay Dorje

Dharma Teachings are free of charge and no prior registration is required.  All are welcome.

Note: The details of teachings for May and onwards shall be released at a later date.  If the particular teaching cannot be finished on the same day, the teaching will be brought forward to the next Sunday until this teaching is finished.  We welcome everyone to  these Dharma teaching events.

Changes to Dharma Teaching Schedule by Resident Teacher:

Dharma Teaching Topic: Benefits of Prostration and Introduction to Mudra by Samten Rinpoche will be rescheduled and further notice will be given.  Meanwhile, Samten Rinpoche will continue his topic on The Right Way of Making Offering to Buddha on a later Sunday on 17 May 15 (1.30pm to 3pm).  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  As some students requested for Mandala Offering teachings, the topic on  "Benefits of Prostration and Introduction to Mudra by Samten Rinpoche" is postponed til a later date in Oct/Nov 15.

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Click here for the prayers:
1. Barche Lamsel (The Prayer for Clearing Away the Obstacles from the Path)
2. Sampa Lhundrub (The Prayer for Spontaneously Accomplishing Wishes)
3. Neten Chagchoe (Homages and Offerings to the Sixteen Elderly Arhats)



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