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Penor Rinpoche Yangsi

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Prayer for The Swift Rebirth for
Kyabje Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche


   - Biography of H.H. Drubwang Pema 
Norbu Rinpoche    

Namdroling Monastery Temple (South India)

Announcement from Namdroling Monastery

1) Practice Advice on H.H. Penor Rinpoche's Parinirvana Anniversary
Official Announcement Regarding the Kudung (Holy Body) of HH Penor Rinpoche

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The 12th Throneholder
of Palyul Lineage

His Holiness
the Fifth Karma Kuchen Rinpoche

1970 - current

   - Biography of H.H. Karma Kuchen Rinpoche  

   - His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
     Long Life Prayer



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His Holiness

We welcome you to join us in our pujas:
Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche

As requested by Samten Rinpoche, please note changes for  23 Oct 2016 Sun 10am from Green Tara Puja to  Namcho Four Foundation Practices (including Vajrasattva and Guru Yoga) for prayers for our most senior and respected Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche who passed into Maha Parinirvana.
请注意十月二十三日星期日早上十点 綠度母荟供改为虚空藏四加行(包括金刚萨埵和上师相应法)为资深的杨唐祖古仁波切圆寂祈祷。

Swift rebirth prayer text for Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche for download.

Brief biography of Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche

(Please note error amendment on the Namcho Ngondro Practice Text (red book page: 61 on Vajrasattava and the correct English pronunciation text is: "Hung Tug Kyi Dam Tsig Nyam Pa Shag" "I confess the broken Samaya of the mind".  Chinese pronunciation text is correct.)

25 Oct 2016  Tue at 8pm: Dakini Puja
十月二十五日星期二晚上八点: 空行母荟供

29 Oct 2016 Sat at 8pm: Vajrakilaya Puja
十月二十九日星期六晚上八点: 普巴金剛荟供

30 Oct 2016 Sun - Rest Day

6 Nov 2016 Sun at 10am Naga Puja
十一月六日 星期日:早上十点供龙王宝瓶

9 Nov 2016 Wed at 8pm Guru Rinpoche Day

Samten Rinpoche will be leaving Singapore on 10 Nov 2016 (Thu) via Singapore Airlines (SQ502 departing at 8.05pm) (Changi Airport, T3) to Bangalore, India to return to Namdroling Monastery.  We thank Samten Rinpoche for his service to Singapore centre. Centre will be closed from 11 Nov 2016 (Fri) to 11 Dec 2016 (Sun) for repair and maintenance. We have informed His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, HE Gyangkhang Tulku Rinpoche and HE Mugsang Tulku Rinpoche about this. Accomodation will not be offered to visiting monks during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience.

中心师父(Samten Rinpoche)在十一月十日星期四程搭新航(SQ502)回去南卓林,印度。中心在此谢谢Samten Rinpoche 在新加坡中心的服务。 中心在十一月十一日至十二月十一日暂时休息以便维修。中心维修期间不能接受挂单师父。不便之处请原谅。

Please note that we will not be sending any hardcopy newsletter and puja registration for the month of October 2016 and November 2016 due to lack of volunteer help and to save some costs.  Event information will be updated every fortnight.



 Date:  06 November 2016, Sunday

Nagas are a kind of long-lived serpent-like beings with miraculous powers. They mostly live in the waters and are like guardians of lands, waterways, space, wind and earth.  Nagas can be wisdom holders and can also cause skin diseases, depletion of life force energy and other obstacles.

Ritual on board the ferryboat will first be conducted and subsequently all participants will make their offerings to the Nagas out in the sea. 

The Naga Vases are consecrated with specially blessed naga mantra, medicine herbs, etc. under the direction of His Holiness Drodupchen Rinpoche and blessed by him. These Naga vases will be offered to the Nagas at sea. If one makes offering to the Nagas, one will be purified of all obstacles relating to illnesses, skin diseases, health problems; destroys all curses; and it can even help one to attract extreme good fortune. Even if one is unable to attend the Naga Puja at sea, the benefits of offering Naga Vase are still the same. Our Centre will make the Naga Vase offering on your behalf if you are unable to attend.

The benefits of participating in the Naga Puja are listed as follows:


1)    Obstacles and sicknesses will be eliminated and one will have good health and wealth.


2)    One will always encounter good friends and spiritual masters.


3)    Good harvest of the five grains (generic term for all grains or specifically, wheat, rice, beans, and two types of millet).


4)    Accomplish ones Dharma practice without obstacles.


5)    Bring happiness, peace and harmony to ones family and home country.

Points to Note for Naga Puja Registration:

   Gathering place and time (changes in timing): 

  •    8.50am (instead of 7.30am) in Centre with $10 bus ride per person (optional), or
  •    9.30 am (instead of 8.30am) at Marina South Pier 
  •   Closing date for registration is on 23 Oct or when seats are fully taken up, whichever earlier.
  •   Please mail in or register with office.  Cash/cheque payment accepted.
  •   Reservations of seats are not allowed.
  •   Seats are based on first come first served.

Ferry boating time is 10am as updated by the ferry operator.  Please ensure you register with the volunteers:

1. centre meet up at 8.50am with Agnes Choo.  Bus will leave at 9am from centre and return bus ride is around 12.30 p.m.

2. Marina South Pier meet up: 9.30am, registration with Ms Karen Lim.  Assisted by Mr Yeo Tiong Hwa and Mr Martin Chong.  MRT direction by Mr Teoh Ai Keong.  Please use the correct exit at Marina South Pier (NS28). 

Please register as stickers with your pre-registered items (boat ride, bus ride, Naga vase and offering set) are indicated.  As there are limited number of Naga vases, boat ride and bus ride, priority is given to those who had pre-registered.  On-site registration is subject to availability.

Important Points to Note for Participants

Participants have to commit to a vegetarian diet for at least one day prior to the Naga Puja and Naga Puja itself, as this is considered a precept of the event.


Participants are advised to be modestly dressed, and no animal products (e.g. leather belts or wallets etc) should be worn or carried on board.


Only the 150 Naga vases consecrated for this Puja and offering sets prepared by centre will be offered. 

Please download the Naga Puja form registration.


The mini statues sponsorship in our Centre begins on 01 January and will expire on 31 December of every calendar year.

We understand that some students may wish to sponsor the mini statues as we approach into the second half of the year. In view of this, we will reduce the mini statues sponsorship rate.

** Please note: The reduced rate applies from 01 July till 30 November 2016 and all mini statues sponsorship received within this period will expire on 31 December 2016.

 Please download the half year sponsorship form for mini statues sponsorship.

We are accepting registration for the half year 2016 sponsorship for the mini statues.

Please only click here for the full year annual mini statue from Nov of the calendar year owards.
Please click here for the annual mini statue sponsorship form.

If you are interested to join as members of Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association, please download membership form and email your personal particulars to     Download the membership form here.   Membership fee may be paid via cheque or in cash at the center.   For those with financial difficulties, please inform us and waiver will be considered.

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Official Announcement:

Tibetan Announcement

Click here for the prayers:
1. Barche Lamsel (The Prayer for Clearing Away the Obstacles from the Path)
2. Sampa Lhundrub (The Prayer for Spontaneously Accomplishing Wishes)
3. Neten Chagchoe (Homages and Offerings to the Sixteen Elderly Arhats)



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